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Our stories.

Every case we receive is important to us. That is why we want to share brief testimonies of the infants that we have cared for or are still with us, as well as the testimonies of the people who have supported them in some aspect of their lives.



16 years old, high school student

Hello! My name is Yazmin Sebastian and I am studying high school at the Institute of the Northwest Patria second half.

I have been in Betesda Mexicali for 8 years and I consider that I am much better here than if I were with my family because here I have adequate attention and care (I am not missing anything).


This is my family, here I receive the love and support that I would not have in the place where I was, and I like the food they give us here a lot! Nutrition is very good for each of us.

I am currently being treated by a dentist where my oral hygiene is much better, they have put braces on me and the amazing thing is that I will have my teeth aligned and a beautiful smile.


At home I feel very comfortable since the facilities give the comfort that I would have in a home. I feel super happy to be here and I am grateful to direct José Vargas and Mrs. Viviana Morales for allowing me to feel very loved and loved.


I invite you to visit the Betesda Mexicali home as it is a very beautiful place

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14 years old, high school student

Hello! My name is Bertha Yunuen and I go to school in 3rd grade at the Instituto Patria del Noroeste.

I have been living in Bethesda for 9 years and I think that I am much better here than with a relative because there is no better house than this. They give you very good care, the food they give is very good and balanced and here with the children it is a lot of fun. They give you dental medical care when you need it and the room I have is very good because at night you have someone to talk to and the other spaces are very large to be able to do activities and I am happy to be here and I thank Mr. José and Ms. Viviana for helping me, they have cared and taken care of me with all their heart and I know it because you can see their effort to give me what I have today.


I invite you to get to know this home!

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With the help of generous people like you, we have managed to care for children from homes with environments that deprived them of their rights, such as the right to housing, to live with a family or to live in a healthy integral development.

They are a great example that we have within Casa Bethesda.


Richard is a Retired Teacher of American origin.

Ramona is Richard's wife of Mexican origin and they have both been Christian missionaries since their youth, they have been actively involved with the children of Bethesda for approximately 5 years. They supported in person Academic Reinforcement tasks with children who cannot read and write, as well as activities to stimulate learning.


In the critical period of the pandemic, they had to return to the United States for family reasons, but they continue to support the Educational Reinforcement Program by paying the monthly salary of a Teacher who supports us in that area.

They are people very dedicated to helping children and with a huge heart to live with our children.

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Independent Missionaries

A few years ago we met Bethesda, her director and staff. What struck us the most to see the faces of children in need of love. The first time we said goodbye to them we told them that we would return and a young man told us that all the people who visited them said that they were going to return but that they never came back. That was the most shocking moment in our hearts and we understood that God called us to continue visiting them even though at that time we could only travel no more than twice a year.


Now, thank God, we have had more time to be there and help children and young people with education and discipline, teach them some manners, and hang out and participate in social events. We have seen some children grow up and other young people fly, and although it has hurt our hearts when they leave, we have seen a lot of growth in everything, and there is still much need! but little by little we are moving forward, because God provides us through those who feel in their hearts to join in helping children.

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Our greatest support and witness.

José Guadalupe Vargas Salas.

Director and founder of Casa Betesda Mexicali, AC inviting you to join us and witness the change we are making in the lives of our children and youth.

With your help you will be giving more than 40 children the opportunity to have a better environment


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